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About me and this site

Hello and welcome. I'm Lewis Moorcroft and I'm a website developer, digital artist hobbyist and music lover.

Astral Realm was launched in November 2011 to showcase my next-generation 3D artwork, which has taken a much more focused direction of atmospheric landscapes and spacescapes. I started out this hobby back in 2004 with Astral Realm's sister site, The Art of Lewis Moorcroft, and there you can find all of my previous works as well as some other new stuff.

As well as my artwork, Astral Realm also showcases another hobby of mine, bedroom DJing / mixing. I like a variety of music genres, but here I will be focusing on the deeper side of electronic music.

Updates to Astral Realm and The Art of Lewis Moorcroft are all posted on my Twitter account.

All of 2013 was spent working on the sister site, firstly with a much needed site re-design and secondly to undertake an ambitious re-render project to bring all my old works into the modern world of high resolution.

Now that that project is complete, for 2014 I will be re-focusing on Astral Realm again with the aim producing some new stuff for both the visual and audio sections. I also plan to work on some new bits and pieces for The Art of Lewis Moorcroft, so keep an eye out on both places.